The Worst Things In Gaming That Every Gamer Hates

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We now live in an era where cloud saves are a thing, keeping a backup of your video game process stored on some remote server farm in Kansas. But these saves, as useful as they are, can't do everything for you. If a game doesn't have automatic save points, you have to go through the process of saving a game yourself, which means entering the menu, finding the save option, and hoping that you don't accidentally overwrite the wrong file.

Let's face it, though: some video games can be immersive, intense, or both. We get caught up in them. We're determined to complete this quest for the Jarl in Skyrim and no dragon or bandit is going to stand in our way. Which makes it all the more painful when disaster hits and we realize that it's been a while since we saved the game.

Perhaps the power in your home goes out, not only transporting you out of your game, but leaving you without a way to microwave your Totino's Pizza Rolls. Or maybe you flew a little too close to the Sun in Persona, grinding away without thinking about all the progress you'd lose if your character met its untimely demise.

Don't let yourself become the sad gamer who didn't save. Do it often. Save yourself some heartache.

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