There's More to Marvel's Sprite Than You Thought

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The Eternals first appeared in their own comic series back in 1976. A cosmic race of extremely powerful beings, the Eternals were created by the Celestials, a group of massive, nigh-divine entities who travel the universe, tinkering with sentient life. The Eternals have been on Earth for thousands of years — some have even entered humanity's legends and fables, due to their tremendous powers. 

Sprite stands out from the rest of the Eternals because of his appearance. Most of the Eternals are tall and beautiful adults — Sprite, on the other hand, resembles a young boy. This is a major point of contention between Sprite and his Eternal siblings: Despite looking like a child, he is thousands of years old. To be fair to the other Eternals, they can't help but treat him like a child much of the time, as he insists upon acting like one.

Sprite is a central character of Neil Gaiman's run of The Eternals in the mid-2000s. Judging by some of the information that has come out about Eternals' casting, it appears the MCU version of the character may be taking some cues from Gaiman's run.

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