There's Something You Should Know About PewDiePie

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One of the first questions people inevitably ask after learning about PewDiePie is what the hell his name means. Turns out, it doesn't really mean anything. The first part "Pew" is the sound a laser makes, or as Colbert put it, "That's the sound of someone who can't make a laser sound." "Die" is, ya know, die. PewDie is what Kjellberg named his first YouTube channel, which he launched in December of 2006. Somewhere along the way, however, he forgot the login information, and he needed to start another one in 2010. Instead of PewDie2, he added "Pie," because the man really loves pie.

Someone at YouTube must have helped Kjellberg recover his original login information, because the oldest video uploaded to PewDie is from 2012—well after he started the PewDiePie channel—and he refers to himself in the vido as "PewDiePie." The original channel has more than 440,000 subscribers and 14 videos, with the most recent (about spammers trying to impersonate PewDiePie in YouTube comments) uploaded on May 25, 2013.

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