These are the games you can get in May 2022

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  These are the games you can get in May 2022

The time has finally come for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers They are waiting throughout the month. The new May titles for the Microsoft service have been revealed and we are not going to waste time getting hold of them. Of course, when each of them is activated.

The Xbox backward compatibility system allows us to enjoy two great classics from the past this month, with which nostalgia will be present. Remember that those who are part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can also get these works. Without further ado, here we go with the list:

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  • Yoku’s Island Express (valued at €19.99 and available from May 1 to May 31: here you will have to explore the huge Mokumana Island, which is full of pinball levels that combine platforms. Choose your path through jungles, beaches and snowy mountains.

  • The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk (valued at €19.99 and available from May 16 to June 15): sequel to the mythical Inner World, you can have a fabulous time without having played the first installment. You better prepare your wits, because tons of riddles and brain teasers are coming your way.

  • Hydro Thunder Hurricane (valued at €9.99 and available from May 1 to May 15): the oldest of the place will surely remember how they skidded through the water in these frantic races. Choose your boat and step on the accelerator to reach the finish line first.

  • Viva Pinata Party Animals (valued at €9.99 and available from May 16 to May 31): unlike the long live pinata As we all know, this spin-off focuses more on the craziness of the 50 mini-games it includes.

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