These Youtube Gamers Are Almost Unrecognizable Without Makeup

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Azzyland, who has over 13 million subscribers on YouTube, also joined in on the "boyfriend does my voiceover" challenge back in 2017. Azzy's boyfriend, Jordi, complimented her bare face, saying that she's pretty even without makeup. He then proceeded to comment on every item in her makeup bag. When the fake eyelashes came out, Jordi said, "these are scary!" The awe Jordi had for Azzy's makeup routine reflects how a lot of men feel about makeup in general.

Fans responded positively to Azzy's face reveal, with one stating, "She actually looks really nice without makeup and she's really good at makeup." Another fan complimented Azzy by saying, "Azzy looks so different without makeup but she's beautiful in both ways!" Some might find it refreshing to see a YouTuber share themselves so openly and get a positive response in return. Noticias sobre apple,mac, osx, iphone,ipad,apple watch, juegos para mac y appletv Todo sobre Apple, Mac e Iphone

Azzy earned her following by curating a massive base of fans through her various entertainment videos. She posts reaction videos, life hacks, and challenges, along with let's play videos full of Grand Theft Auto, Among Us, and Roblox. In a 2016 interview with Based Gamer, Azzy confessed that she previously tried to move from cosplay to YouTube, but found herself too awkward on camera. After working for another YouTube channel, she finally had the courage to start her own brand. Luckily for her and her fans, it worked out.

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