Things Movies Constantly Get Wrong About Gaming

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Virtual reality has been the dream of video game pioneers since the technology debuted. While solid, consumer-friendly virtual reality products have only recently become available, the possibilities of the medium have provided plots and twists for many films over the years.

It's not hard to see why. Virtual reality enables filmmakers to tell futuristic stories and introduce outlandish elements . However, as hardware developers struggled in the past to figure out what virtual reality would look like in real life, movie set designers took a lot of guesses. Most of these landed pretty far from the mark.

A scene in Hackers starts off strong, with a shot of a character wearing a headset that looks alot like what the Oculus Rift does today. Then the shot zooms out to reveal a kind of virtual reality treadmill that never came to be and that the average gamer would hesitate to install in their home.

Likewise, Lawnmower Man shows a character with a realistic, if bulky, headset. However, he is wearing gloves and is seated in an uncomfortable looking chair that once again is not part of any real gamer's setup.

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