Things You Didn't Know Your PS5 Could Do

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The Control Center that appears when you press the PS button includes customizable shortcuts for your convenience. If you press the Options button while you're in the Control Center, you can customize which shortcuts you want to appear at a tap of the PS button.

Many of the shortcuts in the Control Center can't be hidden, but the PlayStation 5 lets you include or exclude some of the non-essential features. According to Eurogamer, you can control whether the Game Base (friends), Music, Broadcast, Accessibility, Network, Sound, and Mic shortcuts appear. The PlayStation 5 gives you control over enough shortcuts to help you choose between a comprehensive or streamlined shortcut list.

The Control Center shortcuts that you can show or hide only apply to certain players, so you'll only have to see the Control Center options that you can use. For example, the Music function runs on Spotify, so you might not want to see it if you don't use Spotify.

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