This Iconic RPG Is Back At The Center Of Star Wars Rumors

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Knights of the Old Republic is still considered the best Star Wars video game ever released by many fans, and there's been chatter about a remake for several years now. Well, it may be one step closer to becoming a reality as Bloomberg's Jason Schreier has confirmed that a new version of the game is in the works. 

In an interview with MinnMax's Ben Hanson, Schreier said, "I basically confirmed that Aspyr, which is a company that has ported a bunch of KOTOR games, is working on a remake." 

This points to EA having little to no involvement with the project (which will come as a relief to some), and while we don't have an official announcement yet, it is as good as confirmed. Aspyr Media was recently acquired by THQ Nordic, and the Texas-based studio has recruited a number of BioWare employees. That is the original developer of the game, so it definitely bodes well for this remake. Todo sobre el juego Phasmophobia, trucos, guias, personajes, curiosidades, novedades... Phasmophobia Game - Todo sobre el juego Phasmophobia

With any luck, this is going to be a remake, and not just a simple remaster. While that would no doubt still be embraced by fans of Knights of the Old Republic, the gameplay is definitely dated and could do with an overhaul that makes the franchise feel at home on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. 

We'll have to wait and see, but with COVID delaying a lot of video games, it could be a while before we see anything from this remake or get an official announcement from Aspyr Media. 

Are you excited to return to the world of Knights of the Old Republic

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