This is Crossroads, the apocalyptic alternative to Monster Hunter in which we will hunt down beasts from the underworld

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 This is Crossroads, the apocalyptic alternative to Monster Hunter in which we will hunt down beasts from the underworld

Neither hordes of zombies nor monsters of enormous tonnage: cross roads will open the gates of hell wide open unleashing throughout the United States the worst thing that lives in the underworld. A full-fledged apocalypse, of course, but Piece of Cake studios has a plan to make the experience interesting. Especially in the company of other players.

Announced during the AG French Direct Showcase and shown through a teaser that leaves us images as hellish as promising in the playable, cross roads presents itself as a cooperative action game in which we will be part of the Brotherhood, a secret society of paranormal hunters that has been preparing for this moment for centuries.

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Ahead, a whole repertoire of monsters, demons, vampires, werewolves and intimidating hell beasts which will have to subdue and hunt down using the resources at our disposal. From shotguns to chainsaws, through katanas or crossbows. Whoever wins, the result promises to be a carnage. Noticias de anime (no solo one piece), manga, videjuegos y gaming Pirateking Lo ultimo sobre Anime y Manga

The action of cross roads It is set in the United States, proposing an intense Road-Trip through several states in which it will be time to purge vampiric nests based on lead and metal. Still, the scale of the game and what it will look like in motion remains to be seen.

This is what the apocalypse looks like, according to Crossroads

Along with the first preview of the game, the first screenshots of Crossroads have been offered, which seem to hint that we will be able to face powerful creatures with supernatural abilities and attack colossal threats in large groups. Elements that will be interesting for the proposal.

Screenshot 7749

Screenshot 7751


Screenshot 7748

Screenshot 7750

At the moment there are no confirmed platforms or a date on the horizon, but everything indicates that it will not be long before we know more about cross roads. The apocalypse is just around the corner and at Piece of Cake studios we have been warned.

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