This is how Call of Duty punishes cheaters

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  This is how Call of Duty punishes cheaters


Mitigation techniques could work while Ricochet finds a solution.

The issue of cheating in Call of Duty is unfortunately not something new to the fan community and the franchise. Many of the players have implemented mods or cheats that give them an advantage over other inexperienced players and Activision has announced the measures it will take to control this situation that has affected a large part of users.

In fact, for Call of duty: Modern Warfare it has been a never ending battle after Activision sued one of the most popular websites for selling cheats for Call of Duty. Of course, the responsible developers issued a public apology and withdrew via a statement on their Discord. But even this couldn’t stop cheating attempts by players, as they are still abundant in the game. As the case of Infinity Ward, which has banned thousands of users and they simply disabled crossplay with PC to avoid them.


Why are there still cheaters in Call of Duty?

Call of Duty has a very complicated task with its fan community to solve this problem. And while he has continued to announce different measures to mitigate the effects in Warzone, he is still on the lookout for inventive ways to combat the bad practices of players who have been circumventing the security system, and has continued to innovate his own methods as time goes on. weather.

First of all, if Activision were to take more drastic measures like kicking cheaters out of the game session, it would make it much harder for the Ricochet team to track down their cheating methods. Hence, they keep coming back with new mods after being identified by the developers.

As we mentioned earlier, The Ricochet team has been sharing the progress of this fight against cheaters on an official blog and revealed some details of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone in which they have been working during all this time to improve the experience.

At first they explained how “anti-cheat solutions work like antivirus software.” This means that there is a fairly simple reason behind cheating in battle royale, albeit a bit complicated to solve. For the franchise, despite desperate attempts to stop these unethical practices among players, it is not so easy to detect cheating systems. In other words, as they themselves defined it, these systems are a kind of computer virus. And even if antiviruses are constantly being updated, it is very sure that threats will continue to appear. But it seems that one of the measures could work relatively well, compared to their past decisions and that is to strip them of all their weapons.

RICOCHET seems to have another trick up it’s sleeve to combat cheaters in #Warzone 👀 Como Hacer Que Se Te Baje Lo Drogado

The anticheat appears to be making “legit” players completely invisible to confirmed cheaters as you can see in this video.

— ModernWarzone (@ModernWarzone) February 19, 2022

The Ricochet team’s mitigation techniques

Fortunately, the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat team has been trying to modify these problemshas learned from everything that players can do to achieve their goals, even if it means playing dishonestly and mentions that it is improving “the speed at which we can recognize when players are doing things they shouldn’t do”.

They also explained that when one of these “bad actors” is detected using the traps, one or all of the tools from the team’s so-called “mitigation toolbox” are applied to them. And, in this way, it is not only annoying for the player, but it allows the developers to collect valuable information to better understand the ways in which they cheat.

For example, one of these tools, according to the team, is the Damage Shield, which improves the player’s protection against cheaters. This means that players can realize before they are being shot, giving them the opportunity to dodge the attack or, failing that, return it.

Another mitigation technique is the Cloaking, which causes a cheater’s victim to turn invisible once they’ve been hitwhich makes it impossible to continue seeing her and, therefore, receiving attacks.

Finally, disarmament is the latest tactic currently being developed to remove weapons indefinitely and even immobilizes them if they seek to strike with their fists.

This series of measures is intended to buy a sufficient amount of time to understand how all of the cheat mechanisms work, while finding an effective solution to these issues, while “reducing their ability to affect a legitimate player’s experience.”

And, unsurprisingly, Ricochet Anti-Cheat will be active for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and/or Warzone 2.0 once it’s officially released.

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This is how Call of Duty punishes cheaters

The issue of cheating in Call of Duty is unfortunately not something new to the fan community and the franchise. Many of the players have implemented mods or c




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This is how Call of Duty punishes cheaters


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