this is how Thanos hid the power of the Infinity Stones

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  this is how Thanos hid the power of the Infinity Stones


Thanos has hidden the power of the Infinity Stones in the most unexpected way.

Throughout the history of Marvel comics, Infinity Stones have had a great relevancethanks to the power unlimited that they possess, which is why the mad Titan, Thanos, has been seduced by them, having the need to take possession of this.

The latter with the intention of carrying out his plan of eradicate half the universe, and bring balance to the remaining part, regardless of the consequences that this entails. Although there is a theory which seems to indicate that this was not the sole reason why Thanos was in search of these gems.

A curious detail of these is that, in their beginnings, they were knew differentlygiving us to understand that these cosmic objects still they keep big secrets. Related to the latter, one of the points that generates much debate is the extent of his immense powers, which could play against its bearer, given its mysterious nature. And a clear example of this would be the Soul Gem that we will talk about next.

What makes the Soul Stone so dangerous?

Thanos realizes that they do not have the appropriate name, so he proceeds to call them, Infinity Stones.

Thanos realizes that they do not have the appropriate name, so he proceeds to call them, Infinity Stones.

Marvel, throughout its history, has shown us interesting and powerful which may be the Infinity Stones, capable of shaping the universe at will and granting a great power to its bearerso Thanos was motivated to search for them to start his obsessive plan.

The First apparition of one of these objects was given in 1972 in comic #1 Marvel Premiere. Originally its introduction was for power up Adam Warlock’s cosmic abilitiesbut it was later revealed that she was one of the six gems.

Thanos begins his journey in comic #1 Quest for Thanos, where, looking into the vast infinity, he tells Death that he needs to seize all six to carry out his plan.

In the Quest for Thanos comic, the titan was shown to have a exceptional power and was a very intelligent enemywithout even having obtained the Gems. 10 Challenging Quotes About Money

In this edition it was where Thanos I change the name to these cosmic objectsoriginally named Soul Gems. The Titan mentioned that this title was not appropriate for them, since each stone contained a unique individual powerwhere only one is capable of commanding the power of the soul.

After taking all the cosmic stones, he decides to grant them the infinity gems namewhich served to disguise the true nature that the Soul Gem possesses, this being the most dangerous of six.

This Infinity Stone is the more powerful and dangerous of the six, since it is the only one that has a conscience. Inside it has alternate dimensions, copies the soul of whoever owns it and also houses the soul-eating creature called Devondrathis monster consumes all the souls that arrive there, its power depends on the number of souls it has consumed so it can become unlimited.

How did Thanos hide the power of the Infinity Stones?

Thanos has unleashed terror throughout the entire Universe

Thanos has unleashed terror throughout the entire Universe

The Mad Titan has taken care of spread his evil throughout the universeon many occasions to impress, and in this way gain the approval and heart of his belovedthe incarnation of Death.

However, in a capricious, vile, and ruthless act, he, after obtaining all the Soul Stones, proceeds to rename them “Infinity Stones”, which accidentally caused the Marvel superheroes to become overconfident in battle and They should not be more cautious with these cosmic objects, especially with the Soul Gem since it represents a greater threat than the other stones.

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