This is the sad origin of Yor Briar in Spy x Family

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  This is the sad origin of Yor Briar in Spy x Family

Yor Briar would have problems due to the difficult situations she has been through in Spy x Family.

This is the sad origin of Yor Briar in Spy x Family 07/18/2022 01:00

The first time we see Yor Briar in Spy x Family she is shown as a confident, strong and fearsome woman, but that only happens when she’s working as an assassin. When Loid meets her, she acts very shy and insecure, in fact, she is embarrassed to ask her if she can become her husband to deceive her brother and prevent them from continuing to think that she is “weird” for not having a husband.

In turn, Briar is usually quite friendly and calm when she is going about her daily life and tries to go unnoticed at home or in the fake job she has. However, on several occasions it can be seen how lose control of your attitude and strength, but all this has a reason and it is because of the difficult life that she has had to suffer since she was a child. Next, we leave you information about the origin and problems of this interesting character from the Forger family.

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Why is Yor Briar an assassin in Spy x Family?

Yor Assassin Mode in Spy x Family

The real work of Yor Briar in Spy x Family

When she was little, Yor lost her parents, staying orphan with her brother and they had no one they could count on in this bad situation. Therefore, Yor being her older sister, she had to find a way to get money for food and education of his brother, but the only stable job with a better salary was that of assassin.

For years he has held this position until today, and it seems that he has remained as a professional assassin because it is the only thing he has learned in the course of his life.

Spoiled food

Yor when she was little in Spy x Family

Yor protects Yuri since she was little in Spy x Family

Originally, Yor Briar had to eat spoiled food because his economic situation did not allow him to buy food to stay healthy. This may be why he has also developed a distaste or trauma for insects, as he despises them even though they are in a picture. On the other hand, it is speculated that this is also something that could give him a certain resistance to toxins to develop greater immunity. Noticias de izquierdas para Murcia y España Noticias de izquierdas

Social pressure and his brother

Yuri Briar is Yor's brother in Spy x Family

Yuri brings flowers to her sister to meet her husband in Spy x Family

Her brother Yuri Briar is someone who appreciates and protects her a lot, because Yor took it upon himself to raise him and keep him healthy during the difficult days. Currently, Yuri keeps living in a distant place because of her work, and he calls her constantly to find out how she is doing and to find out if she has found someone she can marry because has always been the “weird” in the face of social pressure that he frequently receives. It’s definitely something that has been stressing Yor out for a long time, mostly because he wants to prevent his real work from being discovered.

The effect of alcohol on Yor Briar

The effect of alcohol on Yor Briar

Yor Briar gets funny when she’s drunk in Spy x Family

Alcohol can be one of the most dangerous drinks for Yor Briar because she loses control when she’s drunk. This is likely to be a means by which to unburden all that she retains, since being in this state, she does not limit her strength, her feelings and is able to reveal her secrets, although so far Loid has not suspected anything about her.

Possible Yor Briar Disorder

Yor very shy with Loid in Spy x Family

Yor could have a pathology in Spy x Family

Considering all the trouble Yor Briar has been through, it is thought that maybe he has a psychological pathology for their way of acting in the various circumstances that have arisen. To be more specific, it would be the Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) because it is difficult for him to relate to other people, he constantly lies and loses self-control when he drinks alcohol.

Without a doubt, Yor Briar is a interesting character who gives a lot to talk aboutespecially since he is in a peculiar family in which everyone keeps their secrets, although that could change at some point.

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