This Just Proves Oscar Isaac Is Perfect For Metal Gear Solid

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It may have taken half a decade to achieve, but Sony Pictures and director Jordan Vogt-Roberts have finally found their leading man for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie. Announced way back in 2015 – right around the time when tensions between creator Hideo Kojima and publisher Konami had started to rise – the live-action adaptation has seemingly spent the last several years struggling to enter full production for unknown reasons. Now that Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac has been confirmed to play the series’ iconic central character, however, progress will hopefully continue apace.

The welcome news broke last week, putting an end to never-ending speculation as to who would portray Solid Snake in the process. Several names have been put forward previously, of course, with talented artists having imagined how some of them could appear in the role. Despite the fact that Isaac has signed on, though, we’re still no closer to seeing what he’ll look like wearing the bandana and protective combat armor, but there’ve certainly been no lack of attempts among fans to imagine it.

In fact, Instagram user and artist SPDRMNKYXXIII has now come up with their own interpretation of how Big Boss’ genetically altered offspring could appear in the film, and you can check it out for yourself down below.


Here's How Oscar Isaac Could Look As Snake In Metal Gear Solid Movie

This Just Proves Oscar Isaac Is Perfect For Metal Gear Solid

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A tremendous effort, no doubt, and we wouldn’t at all be surprised if the real deal, so to speak, ended up looking not dissimilar to the above. With filming yet to begin, we could be in for a solid wait, but with casting now going ahead and Roberts’ confirmation that a script draft for Metal Gear Solid is finally complete, the near-total lack of new details should soon come to an end soon.

In the meantime, you can check out some of SPDRMNKYXXIII’s other work, including one that imagines Christian Bale as Liquid Snake, over here. Enjoy!

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