This One Piece Theory Could Completely Change Ace’s Story

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  This One Piece Theory Could Completely Change Ace’s Story


With this recent theory, it is shown that Ace’s story could have been different.

As we saw in the #22 Marineford arc of the One Piece manga, Portgas D. Ace’s journey was cut short, as was a possible future romance, at the hands of Akainu, one of the 3 admirals, after he will sacrifice to save Monkey D. Luffy.

White beard beginning a war to rescue Ace from the hands of the navy, who were going to publicly execute him for being a descendant direct from Gol D. Roger and for being part of his crew.

In this war too Edward Newgate dieswho was already weakened by his injuries, which the pirate Blackbeard took advantage of to give him the final blow, and then steal his skills.

At the end of this war, Shank’s makes his appearance, preventing Akainu from killing Luffy, since he sees in him the will Ace inherited from him.

Why did Shanks think Ace was the one?

Who's who, Jinbe tells him about the Sun God

Who’s who, Jinbe tells him about the Sun God

As Gol D. Roger’s life faded, as he was dying of an incurable disease, he set out to organize three things: the first was have a childthe second was to meet with his old friend, Whitebeard, to tell him about the true history of the world, and the third was to leave a message for his comrade Shanks, which made him tear up when he heard it.

According to a new theory, Shanks’ purpose was originally give the devil fruit “Gomu Gomu no Mi” to Ace for this to continue with the will of his father and give rise to a new era of pirates.

It should be remembered that thanks to information revealed in recent chapters of the manga, specifically in chapter #1018, Shanks got hold of the gomu gomu no mi after stealing it from Who’s Who. Later on, the latter tells this information to Jinbe while he was in prison, as a guard told him about the story of the Sun God Nika.

Shanks always saw in Ace the will of his father, for this reason he considered him the most indicated to be the bearer of this fruit. Todo sobre animales: curiosidades, cuidados, tipos, trucos Todo sobre animales

One piece has many references about the “dawn of the world” and images about the sun finally rising after a dark night.

So that Ace was always portrayed as the suna character who was destined to make a new dawn in the history of one piece, since he contrasted with “Yami yami no mi”, a power that Blackbeard possesses, who believes that the world can be submerged even more in the darkness.

For this reason it is believed that Ace was destined to be the Joyboy of One Piecebut by an unexpected twist of fate, his will was inherited by Luffy who will become in the future Pirate king.

What secret does Luffy’s fruit hide?

Luffy after awakening the devil fruit ability

Luffy after awakening the devil fruit ability

As seen in chapter #1018, Who’s who tells Jinbe that this devil fruit had a legend.This legend was about a mythical warrior of which it was said that brought laughter and smiles to those around him, called Nika the Sun God.

The secret it hides is that the Gomu Gomu no Mi is actually a fruit of the zoan typecalled Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika, so it is intended for invoke to the sun god Nika.

This fruit when ingested by Luffy turned him into a rubber man, until recently it was that the straw hat managed to get the maximum potential of this fruitto the awaken gear fifthtransformation that allows him to turn various objects into rubber.

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