This was the digital sales in Spain of Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring and GT7

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  This was the digital sales in Spain of Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring and GT7

For several years we have been offering you the sales figures for games in physical format in Spain, of those units that go through the checkout in both physical and online stores. But there is an increasingly large part of the market that we rarely have visibility of, which are digital games, those that are sold on the PlayStation Store, Steam, the eShop or the Microsoft Store, figures that I know companies control, even from around the world. more directly and faster than the physical ones, but for different reasons they are not in the public domain and even, depending on the company, they are almost a state secret.

Many times digital sales can lead to big changes in the success or not of the launch of a title and even, for some years now, many of the video game companies have been focusing their strategy on policies directly aimed at the digital channel, not on what is being advertised. It refers to prices if not to exclusive digital editions, or pre-purchases that ensure being able to enjoy the game from the first moment or even before only for those who buy their game online.


The behavior of the digital market, when we can have information about it, is very different in the different territories, where we can find countries with a very high percentage of digital purchases, such as the United Kingdom, or others with smaller percentages, such as Spain, where the implantation of the digital market is much lower than in the UK, being one of the countries with the lowest percentage of digital vs. physical sales.

It is clear that the growth of the digital market is going to be greater every day, as has happened with other markets in the world of entertainment such as cinema or music, but in the case of video games this change is not so easy, at least for now. The feeling of buying physically and having something material and not digital is important for many players, in addition to the exchange or second-hand market, which is greater in our sector, and especially the special editions that come onto the market of the different great titles, something with which the digital market has a hard time competing.


In addition, these digital sales are not linear, that is to say that not all titles are sold in the same percentage in digital, even many times a title behaves differently depending on the platform where we watch it, and there are titles whose online multiplayer is different. a very important part that they get a much higher percentage than titles with less weight or none of the multiplayer. Another situation that makes the digital percentage higher is the possible lack of physical stock, which means that the only option is to obtain the title digitally.

But as we said at the beginning, many times these digital sales data are very inaccessible or we only know about them when companies decide to announce it with great fanfare, when the figures are spectacular. It is not usual and less at a time with so many important releases, but this time we have been able to have access to the digital sales of the three big titles in recent weeks, and it is a very close way to get an idea of ​​how are operating the digital market in Spain at the moment.

Horizon Forbidden West

Remembering once again that we are talking about sales figures in Spain, we are going to start with the case of Horizon Forbidden West, which went on sale on February 18 on PS4 and PS5, and which it must be remembered does not have any type of online or multiplayer component.

In the PS5 version in physical format, the title managed to sell 23,300 units in Spain in its first week, while in digital it sold 5,600 units, which gives us 19% of digital sales with respect to the total units sold, a fairly low percentage but in line with the sales of this style of games on this platform.

In the PS4 version, in physical format it sold 19,350 units, while in digital it was 4,750 units, which gives us 20% of digital sales, an online figure for its older sister.

Elden Ring

We continue with the analysis of Elden Ring, a multiplatform title with a medium online component, and an ideal example to see the different behaviors of users depending on the platform where they play.

In the PS5 version in physical format it sold 26,800 units, while in digital it sold 10,800 units, which makes the title have a total of 37,600 total units sold, which gives us 29% of digital sales, being the platform with a lowest digital percentage of all. In the PS4 version in physical format it sold 17,850 units, while in digital it was 9050 units, which makes a total of 26,900 units sold, and 34% of digital sales.

The third platform we analyzed is the Xbox version, which sold 8,700 units in physical format, and 8,800 units in digital format, which represents 50% of digital sales, being on this platform where digital sales exceed physical ones, although in few units. This data serves as an example to see that the Xbox user is more used to purchasing products in digital format, and we must also take into account the strong implementation of Xbox Series S (which does not have a game reader in physical format) compared to its sister Xbox Series X.

The last of the platforms on which the title was launched was in PC format, which in physical format sold 6,850 units, and in digital format 22,850 units, for a total of 29,700 units, which would place it as the second platform in sales only behind of PS5, with a percentage of 77% of sales in digital format, something expected in the computer market.

Grand Touring 7

The last title analyzed is Gran Turismo 7, which has, in addition to a complete single-player experience, a very important multiplayer part.

On PS5 it managed to sell 20,200 units in physical format, while in digital it was 9,200 units, with a total of 29,400 units sold in its first week, which represents 31% of digital sales, as you can see a percentage significantly higher than that of Horizonwhich has no online modes.

On PS4, physical sales were 11,800 units, while digital sales were 7,450 units, which represents 39% of total sales.

Conclusions of the digital market in Spain

With this small sample we can see the different behaviors of the titles and the platforms and draw the following conclusions:

  • That the percentage of digital sales in Spain, in general, is not as large as many might think, and we still have a very large and important market for games in physical format, much larger if we compare it with other nearby countries where the digital market is much larger than ours.

  • That the percentage of digital games can change a lot depending on the type of title we are talking about, with much higher percentages in titles with a high online component and much lower percentages in titles more thinking about the story mode or for a player as the main part of the title .

  • That not all platforms behave in the same way, even though the title analyzed is the same, and looking at the data it is clear that there are platforms such as PC and Xbox whose users are more used to buying products in digital format, while In the PlayStation family, users continue to have a preference for physical purchases.

Little by little these digital figures will be more accessible and we will be able to analyze the evolution and growth of the digital format, and we hope that we will be able to have information on all the companies, since it is impossible to have data on their sales for some, such as Nintendo, for example. or Microsoft, which would serve to have a more real global image of how games work commercially in Spain.

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