This Will Be The First PS5 PS Plus Game Available

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This Will Be The First PS5 PS Plus Game Available

Sony has announced that Bugsnax is the first PS5 PS Plus game and will be available to pick up until January 4, 2021. Be sure to read more details on the November 2020 PS Plus free games.

Bugsnax Confirmed As First PS5 PS Plus Game

The Young Horses-developed title will not be available on the PS4 if you redeem the game via the PS Plus offer, but if you do purchase the game on PS5, you will also receive the current-generation version for your troubles.

Bugsnax will be available to claim via PS Plus from November 12, which is the same day as the PS5 launches in North America and Japan. Presumably the game will be available to snap up for the UK release of the console on November 19.

So there you have it! Bugsnax is officially the first PS5 PS Plus game arriving on the scene. Did you expect it? Let us know in the comments below!

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