Top 16 Fighting Games of This Generation

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It’s been a crazy generation for fighting games, especially towards the end. We’ve seen classic franchises revived, brand new titles enter the ring and long-awaited sequels to some of the bigger blockbusters. Opinions may differ on which is your favorite but let’s get into the 15 best fighting games of this generation, starting with…

Granblue Fantasy Versus

Cygames’ mobile RPG envisioned as a fighting game with side-scrolling hack and slash RPG battles, weapon grids and bosses? It’s doable but Arc System Works took the idea and ran with it, using its incredible visual style and art direction for each character and environment. The combat has a decent amount of depth with Skybound Arts (which are executable using a single button, if necessary). The online play could be improved – as is always the case with these kinds of games – but Granblue Fantasy Versus is still a worthy title especially with updates and new fighters rolling in.

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