Top 20 Minecraft 1.18 Seeds for November 2021




Top 20 Minecraft 1.18 Seeds for November 2021

Mojang has just released the first stable snapshot 21w43a for Minecraft 1.18, which finally makes it possible to play old worlds in newer patches without any hassle.


This is a great time to finally delve into the new biomes and terrain generation of the Caves and Cliffs update for this month’s selection of the top Minecraft seeds. You’ll explore some amazing caves and ravines in this one, as well as find some really unusual and rare structures.

Seed: 5930037529970640536

Coordinates: 150, 300Biomes: Plains, Jungle

In this seed, you’ll spawn near a village with a blacksmith that has three diamonds and some obsidian inside his chest.

Next to the village, there is an exposed ruined portal with a lot of golden items hidden in the loot chest. And, to the east of village, you’ll find a massive canyon that looks like a squid.

Seed: -8363961529553718720

Coordinates: -50, 50Biomes: Taiga, Cold Taiga

For this one, you’ll spawn in a taiga biome next to a village at coordinates -300, 300. The buildings of the village occupy a certain part of a completely frozen river, creating a wild mix of cold and mild biomes.


At coordinates -300, -350 you will find an igloo in the forest with the basement that contains a golden apple.

Seed: -8103463365756018353

Coordinates: 50, -200Biomes: Snowy Slopes, Jagged Peaks

Here, you’ll spawn right on top of some very impressive snowy slopes that meld right into the tall cliffs hovering over a frozen ocean.

On the other side of the mountain range, there is a cozy valley plains village at coordinates -200, 150.

The entire area has many visible underground caves that need to be explored.

Seed: 6458185151218920613

Coordinates: -100, 50Biomes: Plains, Forest

This seed has a double village with blacksmith near spawn! The two villages are separated by a wide river can be seen at coordinates -50, -300.

On a small beach nearby, you can find a shipwreck composed of two different types of wood at coordinates 50, -100. Lastly, at coordinates -300, 100 there is a stretch of a very rare ice spikes biome.

Seed: -5645878609072061943

Coordinates: -50, 50Biomes: Plains, Swampland

Rigth after you spawn, move northwards to coordinates -200, -400. There you will find a double village that stands right next to a witch hut.

In the underground, at coordinates -400, -15, -350 you will reveal a giant cave with a suspended mineshaft and an amethyst geode hanging off the ceiling.

Seed: -1095292193132500337

Coordinates: 50, -50Biomes: Roofed Forest

This seed offers a woodland mansion that stands right next to a shipwreck with loot just 500 blocks away from spawn at coordinates 550, -700.

The treasure chest inside the ship contains the following items:

  • 4x emerald

  • 6x gold nugget

  • 6x iron nugget

  • 3x iron ingot

Seed: 8943883195448331833

Coordinates: -50, 50Biomes: Forest, Ice Plains

Something like this could never happen in the previous versions of Minecraft. But Caves and Cliffs update allows village huts to spawn on the bottom of a ravine, which is evident at coordinates 200, 400.

It’s not just one house that accidentally spawned below, it’s almost half of the village sitting in the dark pit. Definitely unusual!

Seed: -3666433382823979725

Coordinates: 300, 300Biomes: Savanna, Plains

Here you may witness one of the new biomes with a village and blacksmith at coordinates 550, 300.The chest at the smith’s shop contains lots of obsidian.


The new Windswept Savanna biome is even more chaotic than its predecessor Shattered Savanna. Mejores grifos de cocina

The hills are steeper, the torn terrain is more dangerous, and the ravines are deeper than ever before.

Seed: 6378168015480729905

Coordinates: -50, -50Biomes: Stony Peaks, Jungle

You will spawn on top of stony peaks biome with a lush jungle valley right down below.

At coordinates 150, 150 you will find an exposed ruined portal that can be easily rebuilt using an excess lava.

This portal will take you to the nether fortress that can be found at coordinates 100, 250.

Seed: -1111272753421466646

Coordinates: 50, 50Biomes: Snowy Taiga

Spawn on top of a snowy taiga mountain with a giant lush cave right underneath. The lush greenery overlaps with the abandoned mineshaft, creating amazing landscapes.

On top there is also a taiga village nearby at coordinates -250, -200. It stands on the border of three biomes: giant tree taiga, snowy taiga, and ice plains.

Seed: -6020717011634666930

Coordinates: 300, 200Biomes: Plains, Meadow

Once you spawn, travel to coordinates 600, -350 for a nice village on the meadows biome with a blacksmith present.

Right next to the village you’ll notice a deep hole in the ground. Light up a torch and go down. Soon you’ll arrive at an exposed mineshaft that is suspended on iron chains off the cave’s ceiling.

Seed: -3834742787858761107

Coordinates: 150, 300Biomes: Plains, Ocean

Island village at spawn!

Oh, but this is not a usual island village, as it practically connects two separate islands with its buildings and roads.

This will surely make your survival game a lot of fun, even though there aren’t that many trees on the islands.

Seed: -5373350720613525025

Coordinates: -50, 50Biomes: Plains, Savanna

Spawn right next to a massive hollow mountain that is located near a village at coordinates -300, 100.

As one would expect, the dark hollow pit in the cliffside is teeming with hostile mobs, so approach it carefully.

But there are also plenty of exposed ores, so it’s a great place for mining.

Seed: -7024929116724075367

Coordinates: 100, -100Biomes: Forest, Jungle

When you spawn, move to coordinates -950, 1150. You should arrive at a jungle area that is riddled with ravines.


This kind of terrain will make it really easy for you to reach a dripstone cave located right above the end portal.

The best part about this seed is that portal already has three active eyes, which makes your game much easier.

Seed: -7064046736349281236

Coordinates: 50, 50Biomes: Plains, Snowy Slopes

As you spawn, move forward to coordinates 50, 200 until you reach a cliffside of the snowy slopes biome that has a protruding igloo hanging outside. There is no basement, but it is definitely amusing.

Further on you will also find a cool mountain village on top of another cliff at coordinates 150, 350.

Seed: 6147712500425771859

Coordinates: 50, 50Biomes: Plains, Meadow

You will spawn in a forest with a village nearby at coordinates 300, -550. This village occupies and entire meadow hill with buildings progressively covering each step of the hill with the blacksmith being the topmost tier.

The chest inside the smithy’s shop contains:

  • 1x golden horse armor

  • 1x iron boots

  • 1x iron pickaxe

Seed: 4449382347014633116

Coordinates: 50, 50Biomes: Mesa, Jungle

Lush caves biome rarely exposes itself on the surface, but in this seed you can see a cave with an exposed lush biome right at spawn.

At coordinates 600, 700 you can witness an acacia village standing on top of a flooded ravine, which is just as rare.

Seed: -559981558709145532

Coordinates: -50, 50Biomes: Plains, Ice Spikes

Spawn on an entirely frozen river near a village that stands right on the border of the ice spikes biome at coordinates -150, 200.

The area under the river hides a zombie dungeon at coordinates -20, -30, 60. There is also a spider dungeon at coordinates -10, -50, 50, but with no loot.

Seed: -6607178557520056659

Coordinates: 300, -100Biomes: Forest, Ocean

Ocean monument, shipwreck, and two ruined portals at spawn!

There may be no village on this survival island, but there’s plenty of wood and loot inside the treasure chests.

The two chests from both portals will give you:

  • 1x golden apple

  • 1x golden leggins

  • 2x golden shovel

  • 20x gold nuggets

  • 32x iron nuggets

Seed: -3886804361062883254

Coordinates: 50, 50Biomes: Forest

You will find a giant ruined portal at coordinates 100, 100 that can be easily assembled into an active one.

Once you enter the nether, go to coordinates -250, 250 for a bastion remnant. The treasure chest on the bottom of the structure contains:

  • 1x golden sword

  • 14x golden carrots

  • 5x magma cream

  • 1x block of gold

That’s it for this month’s best Minecraft seeds for 1.18. Check out more Minecraft articles right here, including a huge catalog of awesome seeds for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!

Published Nov. 1st 2021

Top 20 Minecraft 1.18 Seeds for November 2021

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Top 20 Minecraft 1.18 Seeds for November 2021
Top 20 Minecraft 1.18 Seeds for November 2021