Trunks saved the Dragon Ball universe by accidentally breaking it.

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  Trunks saved the Dragon Ball universe by accidentally breaking it.


Although Trunks, with his time travels, has saved the universe, he has also caused terrible consequences by altering this flow.

Throughout the entire history of Dragon Ball, we have seen how Trunks has been in charge of fighting against all kinds of threats that have appeared in their timeline, as was the case with Androids Cell, Frieza, Goku black, among others.

This hero always has had the mettle and willingness to help the universe when he is in trouble, no matter what timeline he is on. Trunks has always ventured into the unknown in order to protect the earth and his loved ones. However, in one of those raids, the Saiyan has inadvertently broken the universe, which would make him one of the worst Saiyans, and he is in the duty of repairing it, along with his friends.

How did Trunks alter the timeline of the universe?

The guardian of time Chronoa intercepts Trunks

The guardian of time Chronoa intercepts Trunks

Trunks broke the universe line on his journey into the past to defeat the androids before they they become invincible, so that he could avoid the same events that occurred in his timeline. However as we have seen in Dragon Ball Super, the universe has a way of restructuring itself, and instead of being destroyed by this crack in space-timea new temporary line is simply created watched over by the supreme Kaio of that universe.

However, altering time is seen as a great offense, and everything seems to indicate that this Trunks’ time odyssey has not gone unnoticed by some. In fact, in the Dragon Ball Super anime, Whis himself warns Bulma that she should stop her inventions related to timeline travel, as they could tear the entire universe apart.

In chapter #1 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission, created by Yoshitaka Nagayama, the Saiyayin is about to return to the future boarding his time machine, when he is intercepted by a guardian of time named Chronoawhich takes him to a place out of time known as the nest of time. Las playas de Oaxaca, un paraíso por descubrir

This guardian accuses Trunks of going back in time and creating his own world. However, the Saiyan doesn’t have the slightest idea what Chronoa is talking about, but while they are both talking about this world, Vegeta’s son feel a dark energy coming from him and decides to help the guardian find out who is behind this evil plan.

Trunks has gained a Power-up in the midst of his journey to repair the universe.

The new Power-Up acquired by Trunks

The new Power-Up acquired by Trunks

Dragon Ball Heroes has been a manga and anime that has been created and that not in canon or original timeline. Because of this, they can allow themselves all sorts of liberties when facing and introducing characters.

In fact, in this alternative universe we have been able to meet variants such as the mythical Super Saiyan 4, the one who starred in the saga of Dragon Ball GT. But in addition to this, we have also witnessed how other characters become more relevant, as is the case with Trunks.

In Dragon Ball Heroes, Trunks has managed to achieve the form of the Super Saiyan God to face the enemies on duty, always with the help of other characters like Goku, Vegeta and the time patrol. This transformation is so impressive that fans have come to imagine what it would look like with his father’s Ultra Ego.

Meanwhile, we must wait to find out what will happen to Trunks now, since he has discovered that, although he saved the universe, he also created dangerous cracks.

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