Turns Out Animal Crossing Isn't Always So Kid Friendly

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Isabelle is one of the more delightful characters in the Animal Crossing universe. She's kind. She's happy-go-lucky. She's always willing to help, and almost always wears a smile whenever you see her. As you, the player, progress toward your goals in Animal Crossing (whatever they may be), Isabelle is there every step of the way to guide you and make sure you have exactly what you need.

It's become clear, however, that Isabelle doesn't get near the credit she deserves. In that regard, she seems representative of just about every overworked woman in the world. She pours her heart and soul endlessly into the task at hand, only to see someone else receive all of the accolades and all the attention.

Think about Animal Crossing: New Leaf for a moment. You got to be the mayor, and had the always-helpful Isabelle at your side to make sure things ran smoothly. But it was Isabelle who really did the work, right? She handled all the big stuff behind the scenes. And when you stopped playing, the town kept running — all thanks to Isabelle. You got the fancy title of mayor, but really, a certain yellow dog was the real woman in charge. She made sure the whole operation didn't fall apart while you decorated your private residence.

It's no wonder Isabelle took a liking to Vacation Juice. She deserves a drink for dealing with all this nonsense.

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