two frenetic hours that take away the hiccups with swords, bullets rain and graphic bristles

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  two frenetic hours that take away the hiccups with swords, bullets rain and graphic bristles

Two years ago we were able to see for the first time Bright Memory: Infinite and the showcase chosen by FYQD Studio was one of the most suitable. The work put the cards on the table, presenting itself as one of the main assets for the new generation on Xbox Series X/S. The arguments? Scandalous graphics and dreamlike gameplay.

Now, after a launch last year on PC, it is his turn to adapt to the field of PS5, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch consoles. It is true that it has its setbacks, but it is appreciated to be able to enjoy games that are disheveled so that we feel unstoppable.

Destroy what you see and don’t be generous

Shadow Warrior regulars will not be caught off guard by the proposal coming from Asia. Rampage, chaos, gore and tons of bullets soaring through the air before our eyes, along with a good string of abilities to leave us speechless. What at the time seemed like a technical demo does not deceive at any time.

The visual display of Bright Memory: Infinite It’s really amazing, especially when it comes to weather effects, lights and the general setting. The incessant storm, the leaves flying through the air, the blood splashing at all times… it’s a pleasure to be able to play at a hellish pace with such a graphic section.

We can take advantage of the work if we have a screen capable of withstanding the 120FPS that is capable of spitting. Nor do we fall short if we opt for 60FPS, which goes like silk and we can reach up to 4K resolution.

Bright Memory: Infinite

Not a single complaint in this regard, which is also enhanced by ray tracing that makes a difference. In the case of PS5, the system on which I have played, the DualSense presents the classic resistance on the triggers when we shoot or a vibration that spreads throughout the controller, although it is nothing really spectacular, staying far from the peak that Astro’s marked Play room.

With these visual marks we launch into a battlefield full of possibilities. The plot puts us in the shoes of Shelia, an agent who finds herself with the complicated dilemma of dealing with a black hole in the sky during the lunar new year. Through clashes with the military and all kinds of demons from Chinese mythology, we will see that no one is immune to a good grenade in the face.

Shoot and never ask

Let’s not fool ourselves, the story has its constant weight with radio conversations and cinematic scenes, but it is still a mere excuse to pay little attention to when we have an assault rifle in hand. Along with the medium-range firearm, we have a shotgun, a sword taken from a fantasy world and the so-called exo arm, capable of emitting devastating shock waves.

Bright Memory: Infinite

With this main set we begin to distribute tow through levels mostly corridors, but in which the action is constant. We are far superior to practically any enemy that comes our way and the game wants us to notice it at all times. Return shots parrying With the Ghostrunner sword, completely dismembering an unsuspecting soldier with a single button or launching an opponent into the air to execute them with the metal blade are typical actions.

And all of them tremendously satisfying. Bright Memory: Infinite achieve what many of us dreamed of a couple of decades ago with demonstrations as overwhelming as Killzone 2. That level of care, of care so that the animations are extremely fluid, without stops, are a wish fulfilled.

Not content with it, the title is giving us new toys for the cause. Add a revolver or sniper to the equation, plus we can upgrade all abilities and even unlock new moves. To do this we will have to find a series of collectibles scattered around the stages, at the same time as We won’t exactly run out of a drop of ammunition.

There will not be a single moment in which we will see how we cannot feed the weapons. Bright Memory: Infinite He ensures that we are always well stocked, which ends up being a double-edged sword. Beyond the normal projectiles, we have special bullets, which have special effects such as tracking the enemy, causing incendiary explosions or serving as sticky bombs.

Bright Memory: Infinite

Therefore, every time we face one of the recurring bosses -and the normal troops- we can overcome the challenge simply by hitting the trigger until they all fall. The dashes give us a devilish speedso the most special encounters in which our expertise would have to be tested end up being easily overcome. Tu Tienda Online Especializada en Alfombras Spa para Bañera Compra AQUÍ tu Nueva Alfombra Hidromasaje para tu Baño y Disfrútala al Mejor Precio‎ Mejores Alfombras de Hidromasajes

However, at the same time, you always want to make the most epic play, repeat that moment in which a slow motion occurs when we leave a soldier without a leg. The game invites us a lot to recreate ourselves to leave the bar of spectacularity as high as possible.

look ahead

It’s such a roller coaster what happens in Bright Memory: Infinite that slips through our fingers, like a sigh. In the duration section it can be seen that we are talking about a one-person project, since in less than two hours We will air all that it has to offer. Only one campaign mode to which we can go to choose the scene we prefer and start from there awaits us later.

A train that practically never deviates from the road, but on the few occasions when it does, it stumbles resoundingly. At a certain moment, we will run out of the entire arsenal, so with a butcher knife in hand we will have to execute from behind.

Bright Memory: Infinite

A section that completely cuts the rhythm and that it is not well resolved at allhaving to perform the attack animation for a short third-person cinematic to play in which we see the attack we make.

On the other hand, it would be appreciated if the action was not stopped so repeatedly, with short scenes, so that everything would flow even more. Some script is missing here, so that the load is not so obvious. In addition, there have also been some slight technical failures regarding transitions or certain jumps in particular.

Finally, we have the game fully translated into Spanish and with the option of voices in English, Japanese or Chinese, which fits like a glove with the context of the plot. Can customize all weapons with different skins and give them that little distinctive touch while we pierce bodies, although the ones we can use on Shelia shamelessly sexualize her.

Bright Memory: Infinite

VidaExtra’s opinion

Bright Memory: Infinite it’s one of those technical wonders we woke up to at night years ago. The value of one person, Zen Xiancheng, creating such a visual display gives it extra value. It will take us much less than an afternoon to get through, but we’ll have a blast during the game.

The arsenal of weapons, along with the special abilities, are a good range to unfold to enjoy a couple of hours full of frenzy. Spectacularity is its main letter of introduction and it is only weighed down by unnecessary beat breaks that do not add more richness to the context of the gameplay.

On consoles, everything that happens on the screen looks great. The jump to desktop systems has been exceeded with a note and comes with a translation into Spanish, which is always appreciated. Some small defects are still noticeable in the technical section, surely the product of a work created by an extremely small team.

Bright Memory Infinite


Bright Memory Infinite






PC, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PS5 (version analyzed)
July 21, 2022

The best

  • A graphic display of aúpa

  • Frenzy, action and swords everywhere

  • Perfectly adapted to consoles


  • Rhythm breaks, like stealth, are a bump in the road

  • Little replayability for its short duration

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