Unexpected Video Game Plot Twists That May Surprise You

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I have mentioned this time and time again, that the basis for a good game to keep the player engaged and enthralled is a good story, a story that has many twists and turns to keep the gamer on their toes and on the edge of their seat. Sure the game can look good and the graphics can be spectacular, but if the game doesn’t have a good story, then it fails, and it fails badly.

Companies like Bioware have almost mastered the art of storytelling and have given us amazing games, like Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic, Mass Effect series and Dragon Age series that have really kept us guessing and wondering where the stories will take us. The gaming audience these days demand compelling and complex stories, that would challenge them and make them think. And what is even greater than that is when the story writers make plot twist that can either make the story an even greater one to explore or make it a total dud. With that said, here are some games that have had some twists and turns of their own to keep us guessing and coming back again.

Warning: This feature contains heavy spoilers.

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Note: List is in random order

Mass Effect 3

Let me just state for the record that I absolutely loved Mass Effect 3 and everything about it that made the game what it was, but nobody could have anticipated what the ending could have been. Many long time fans including myself had invested a lot of time in the right choices and were hoping to see some sort of awesome closure at the end, but the ending was quite a doozy. Now provided a player has gathered a large military force, all three possibilities for dealing with the Reapers, will be present. The choices that the player had at the ending were  1. control them, 2. destroy them, or 3. merge with them create a synthesis of some kind. Now granted that Bioware released an extended cut DLC, but the damage had already been done. What this ending had done was basically not give any sort of good closure to the game and fans were expecting a lot more, given that they invested a lot of time into all three games.

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