Unforgettable Gaming Moments That Had Our Jaws on the Floor

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Thanks to their interactivity and the fact that technology keeps progressing at a rapid pace, video games have a way of making us feel things like no other medium of entertainment does. Countless times over the years, we’ve all experienced moments in games that made us pause and marvel at what just happened, moments that will stay with us for many years to come. In this feature, we’ll be talking about fifteen such moments.

WARNING: This feature contains spoilers for every game we discuss, so if we begin talking about a game you don’t want spoiled, skip ahead to the next entry.


God of War

God of War was full of moments that shook us to our core. The Blades of Chaos, the reveal that Atreus is Loki- but rather than talking about the parts of the game that we’ve talked about countless times, we wanted to highlight something else. The revelation about Atreus right at the end of the game was certainly a huge moment, but something else that also gave the story an entirely new layer of depth was finding out that Faye had essentially been the orchestrator of Kratos and Atreus’ whole journey. She had Kratos cut down the tree that would send them out into the world, she marked the paths that both of them would want for the entire game- she was basically the writer of their story. Replaying God of War with that knowledge lends a whole new meaning to the game’s narrative.

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