Upcoming Fall Guys Collaborations Leaked With New Costumes From WWE Superstars And Fatal Fury, Among Others

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  Upcoming Fall Guys Collaborations Leaked With New Costumes From WWE Superstars And Fatal Fury, Among Others

The jump from Fall Guys to the free-to-play version has caused Mediatonic to get its act together when it comes to holding events and publishing news. Apparently the team has a few surprises up its sleeveas the account has pointed out FGPancake after accessing the internal game files.

This has allowed to know the dates, costumes and surprises that are coming. For example, from July 28 to August 1 there will be a collaboration with the WWE so that the characters can dress as three of wrestling’s superstars: Asuka, Undertaker and King Woods.

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Some days after, Fall Guys will present a new collaboration, although in this case it will be with Fatal Fury, since from August 4 a pair of costumes dedicated to Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui will be enabled. Both will be available in the internal store until August 8. Blog sobre viajes y turismo, nacional e internacional, caro y barato Viajes y turismo

Fall Guys Fatal Fury

During those days, between August 6 and 10, a set of costumes that were available during Season 5 will also return. It is a collaboration with The Jungle Bookso that our characters look just like the ones in the Disney cartoon when they dress up as Mowgli, Baloo, King Louie and Shere Khan.

Fall Guys Godzilla

Until all this starts you can go catching another series of costumes related to Godzilla. Maybe you have a couple of them because they were distributed a long time ago, but now you have a new opportunity to get them in exchange for Beans. The amount will vary depending on whether you want just one of them or prefer to opt for one of the packs that have been published:

  • King of the Kaiju Bundle (King Ghidorah and Mothra) – 1,800 Beans

  • Kaiju Combo (Godzilla and Godzilla 1995) – 600 Beans

  • King Ghidorah – 1,200 Beans

  • Mothra – 1,200 Beans

  • Godzilla – 1,200 Beans

  • Godzilla 1995 – 1,200 Beans

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