Video Game Clones That Are Causing An Uproar

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Disc Creatures is an indie RPG that definitely wears its inspirations on its sleeve, with PC Gamer saying that it feels like "a lost Game Boy game, devoted to a very particular look and type of design." The game follows a young protagonist on a quest to collect and train numerous creatures. These creatures can be used in battles and stored in computer databases, where they will rest until they are again chosen by their trainer. As they battle, they level up and learn new skills. Sound familiar?

This one is an interesting case in that it doesn't feel like a malicious ripoff, but rather a loving tribute to a game series that the developers clearly hold near and dear. However, its future may be a little rocky. As Bleeding Cool put it, "It's all an obvious homage. It'll be a miracle, we'd say, if it doesn't get hit with some sort of lawsuit with just how incredibly similar it is to Pokémon." 

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