Video Game Myths You Definitely Fell For

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There is a whole generation of gamers who will never truly know just how ugly the Sega vs Nintendo console war got in the schoolyard. Nothing — NOTHING — that's happened after even compares. Friendships were irrevocably damaged. It was brutal.

Of course, history decides the real winner of these fights, and seeing as Nintendo is riding high with one of their biggest console success stories, and Sega doesn't even have a console anymore, it's pretty clear who won the war. More than this, however, it seems that one of the most common weapons might've been a terrible misfire.

For some time, one of the big trump cards every Sega kid could play was the fact that the Genesis had Blast Processing, which was the thing that let Sonic roll around screen faster than anything Mario could accomplish in his wildest dreams. It made sense. It was in their commercials, and as we all know, commercials never lie.

Except, of course they did. Years later, Scott Bayless, one of the senior producers at Sega during their glory years (1990 to 1994) came out with the harsh truth that, yep, Blast Processing, while not exactly a lie, was definitely an overstatement. The less PR-friendly fact was that the Genesis could overclock its memory in a way the SNES couldn't. Which, tech-wise, is nice, but just saying, one of these systems had Sonic, the other had Chrono Trigger. Take from that what you will.

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