Video Games So Bad the Sequel Got Canceled

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In the late '90s, developer Silicon Knights wanted to create the next massive narrative epic, a game that would weave science-fiction aesthetics with Norse legends. The game would feature a huge world to explore, a rich mythology to discover, and a blistering blend of combat styles. Initially intended for the original PlayStation, the game would have to be split across four separate CDs, similar to other sprawling epics such as Final Fantasy VII. It's fair to say that Silicon Knights had high hopes for the title.

But the game, called Too Human, struggled from the start, as it suffered numerous delays and console switches, not to mention friction between the developer and engine-maker Epic Games. So once the title finally did release in 2008 for the Xbox 360, it really had to break out as a megahit in order to recoup both the coin and the expectations spent on it. Unfortunately, it did neither.  Gestacion y Maternidad subrogada en California (EEUU) para parejas heterosexuales y homosexuales Gestación subrogada en Estados Unidos

Players found that combat had been simplified all the way down to the right analog stick, which couldn't provide enough options to hold their interest in the many combat encounters. Not that those encounters had any weight to them: death in the final release had no consequence at all. Players would simply resurrect on the spot, without losing any resources.

Reviewers were not kind, and gamers by and large gave Too Human a pass. Silicon Knights had hoped to create a full trilogy out of the IP, but with the critical and commercial failure of the product, the sequel never came to pass.

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