Video Games With Weapons That Work In Real Life

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Cloud Strife wielded the comically-large Buster Sword in Final Fantasy VII, even though he physically shouldn't have been able to. We're not sure what kind of grip strength he had, but every picture of the shows shows fairly puny forearm muscles, so it should've been impossible for him to even lift that giant thing, much less wave it around victoriously after every battle.

While no one wielded anything as cartoonishly big in real life, zweihanders were pretty much the equivalent of the Buster Sword. These two-handed weapons had large blades, but could still be swung around effectively, by guiding the blade with a hand near the hilt and one on near the pommel. According to Schola Gladiatoria, these greatswords could be used to fight multiple combatants, usually to defend a point like a door.

While a one-handed use is demonstrated in the video above, it ends up using the sword as more of a spear, taking advantage of its great length. Sadly, as cool as these weapons are, we see no room for Materia slots, so no thanks.

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