Video Games Worth More Than Your Car

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  Video Games Worth More Than Your Car

Almost all high-value collectible video games have certain things in common. Often, they come as a complete set, including the original box and manual. The price goes even higher if that box has a printing irregularity and remains sealed. One high-value collectible breaks with that tradition entirely, however — the Nintendo World Championship cartridge.

In 1990, Nintendo held a heavily promoted tournament that traveled around North America to crown a few skilled competitors the Nintendo World Champions. To ensure a level playing field, Nintendo produced custom cartridges for the tournament featuring challenges from Super Marion Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris. The cartridges were unassuming by Nintendo’s standers, featuring just a simple logo and serial number.

However, their uniqueness has made them some of the most valuable loose cartridges in existence. When one of the cartridges showed up at a vintage store in Seattle, the owner purchased it on the spot for $13,000, assured that it would sell for at least $15,000. Auctions have driven up that price even higher, with one copy selling for $52,800. Rumor has it, however, that the gold cartridges produced as Nintendo Power giveaway could be worth over $100,000. Todo sobre camas articuladas, que son, para que sirvem, como elegir la correcta... Camas articuladas

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