Video | Outconsumer, the ‘grandfather’ of Twitch | Masters 2022

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Roc Massaguer is 45 years old and a journalist, but he is known more by his virtual nickname, Outconsumer, than by his real name. Encouraged by a friend, he started uploading videos to the internet in 2011 to share his passion for video games. More than ten years later, he has built a loyal and large community around him, with 790,000 subscribers on YouTube and 120,000 on Twitch.

The UAM-EL PAÍS School of Journalism has accompanied Massaguer on any given day of his life, to learn about the routine of a profession that many children dream of in the 21st century. Be streamer and broadcasting videos is his main source of income, but Outconsumer is not limited to making live broadcasts from his home in Terrassa (Barcelona). He collaborates on a radio program, gives a video workshop to young people at risk of social exclusion and combines all this with his family life beyond the screen.

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