Villains That Batman Really Created Himself

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Batman is a brilliant detective and an Olympic-level athlete, but his most important asset might still be his mountain of wealth. It's only fitting, then, that there's one villain who is, in the words of Dick Grayson, "made possible by a grant from the Wayne Foundation." Introduced in a 1994 episode of Batman: The Animated Series, Lyle Bolton is a top-shelf security expert who is hired at Arkham Asylum on Bruce's recommendation. On paper, Bolton is a great choice for putting a stop to the asylum's famous weekly jailbreaks, but once he's in place, he proves to be an extravagantly cruel jailer, delighting in the abuse of inmates like Scarecrow and Harley Quinn. Appalled, Bruce sees to Bolton's swift dismissal.

Bolton vows revenge, not only on the inmates who reported his abuse, but on the establishment he sees as coddling criminals. He invents the costumed persona of Lock-Up, and kidnaps "permissive liberal" television journalist Summer Gleason, Arkham director Dr. Bartholomew, Police Commissioner Gordon, and Mayor Hamilton Hill, and holds them captive in an offshore battleship-turned-prison. Lock-Up is defeated by Batman and Robin before he can do any more damage, and returned to Arkham as an inmate, where he relishes the chance to keep a close eye on his former prisoners.

We'll give Wayne some credit, at least, for trying to invest in improving Gotham's mental health facilities.

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