Wasteland 3 Patch 1.4.0 To Introduce Exciting New Features

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Crafting can be used to create basic items or powerful new Exotic guns.

Wasteland 3 Patch 1.4.0 To Introduce Exciting New Features

inXile Entertainment recently announced Wasteland 3’s first paid expansion, The Battle of Steeltown, and also confirmed another expansion to be in the works. However, it also noted that patch 1.4.0 would be coming soon and had some exciting features. In a new post on Steam, the developer confirmed that the patch would arrive in “the next few weeks” and introduces crafting into the mix.

Crafting doesn’t rely on a separate new skill but on discovering recipes and having resources handy. Some recipes are acquired by leveling up different skills – like First Aid unlocking Med Hypo and Medic Pack recipes. While there won’t be recipes associated with every skill, which recipes are unlocked on which skill points will be clearly denoted. If you want some of the best recipes, like high-power mods and Exotic weapons like the W.A.S.P. Gun and Freeze Ray, you’ll need to venture out into the world or purchase them from vendors. Horoscopos y tarot para el amor y para los signos del zodiaco Horoscopos y tarot de amor

On top of all this, certain recipes can be marked as “unknown” when acquiring an ingredient. The recipe will indicate which other resources are required but the result will remain a mystery until it’s been crafted. Make sure you have plenty of Scrap on hand since that’s also a necessary component. Unfortunately, any NPCs that provide rewards, opened crates and so on can’t be reacquired unless they’ve been sold to vendors. This is more of a feature beneficial for newer playthroughs. And yes, The Battle of Steeltown will offer new crafting recipes for weapons and armor as well.

Stay tuned for more details on the patch in the coming weeks. The Battle of Steeltown is currently slated to release on June 3rd for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Wasteland 3 - Crafted weapons

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