We Finally Understand the Entire 'GTA 5' Story

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Meanwhile, Franklin finds out that his friend Lamar has been kidnapped by a rival gang called the Ballas. With help from Michael and Trevor, Franklin rescues Lamar. When he gets home, however, Franklin is confronted by Dave Norton and Steve Haines, who tell him he needs to kill Trevor, who they believe has become a liability to them all.

With his passion project recovered and his relationship with his family on the mend, Michael decides to release the movie himself. At the premiere of the movie, Weston arrives and tells Michael that he has hired Merryweather mercenaries to kill his family. After Michael and his son fend off the attackers, Michael begins to plan his revenge on Weston.

First, however, the trio must pull off the Union Depository heist. Despite interference from Merryweather Security and the beleaguered Los Santos Police Department, the job is a success. Things take a dramatic return, however, when Franklin finds Devin Weston waiting for him at home. Weston tells Franklin that he must kill Michael, leaving Franklin with a choice: kill Michael, kill Trevor, or find another way.

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