We Finally Understand The Entire Timeline Of Link's Awakening

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Each of the eight Instruments lies in dungeons strewn across the Island, and within each dungeon Link must get rid of the boss monster, called a Nightmare, and their dastardly minion-monsters before he can get his hands on the prize. For each dungeon, a map and compass must be found first, both needed to pinpoint the position of the Nightmares and the chests that contain crucial elements. In addition, various keys to open doors and chests will need to be found as well. 

In the Tail Cave, for instance, Link fights a Nightmare called Moldorm before he earns his reward, the Full Moon Cello. One down, seven more to go, and in case you wondered, Tail Cave is quite easy and the dungeons get progressively more complicated and the puzzles harder to complete. Apart from the main dungeons, there are three mini-dungeons to explore, and the bonus Color Dungeon that we'll talk about later.

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