Welcome To Raccoon City Explained

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  Welcome To Raccoon City Explained

In the wake of Raccoon City’s destruction, William Birkin’s death, and Albert Wesker’s resurrection, unanswered questions emerge. Firstly, does Lisa Trevor survive? In the game, she’s nigh invincible, only dying for good when the mansion explodes around her. In the film, she shows off her physical strength when she tears a Licker apart in physical combat. Thus, she and her video game counterpart clearly have physical traits in common. Much of her game-bound backstory doesn’t appear in the film, however. Will fans learn more in a subsequent film?

Secondly, who is Ada Wong working for? In both the games and “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City,” Ada Wong is a mysterious agent with a penchant for spy games. She only makes a brief cameo in the film, but it’s a sure bet she’ll play a key role in a sequel, if the box office fates allow it.

Thirdly, how much does Chief Irons know about Umbrella? In the games, Brian Irons, the RPD’s chief of police, is an outright villain who murders the mayor’s daughter and nearly kills Sherry Birkin. In the movie, he seems to know more than others do about Umbrella’s dastardly deeds, but his more overtly evil traits are absent. As a result, he’s not a villain — in fact, he even brings Claire and Leon to the Raccoon City Orphanage and tells them how to get to Spencer Mansion before getting attacked and killed by a Licker. He’s likely in on Umbrella’s plot to some degree, but whether or not that qualifies him as an outright bad guy is open to debate. lineadecajasyatencionalcliente.es

Finally, just how close are Jill and Wesker? It’s implied Jill has romantic feelings for Wesker, much to Chris’ chagrin. It’s unclear how much Wesker reciprocates those feelings, but they don’t appear to be a proper couple. In the likely event they reunite in a future sequel, there’s definitely unfinished business between them … especially since their relationship ends with Jill fatally shooting Wesker.

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