What Nobody Ever Told You About 'Madden NFL'

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To EA's credit, the company did start to branch out and experiment with the Madden series after locking down its exclusive NFL rights. For instance, EA released a pared-down, 4v4 arcade version of Madden that was aptly titled Madden Arcade in 2009. But there's another Madden series spin-off that is far more strange — because it took what some players enjoyed doing in mainline Madden games and created a whole new franchise out of it.

We're talking about NFL Head Coach, a game where you could call plays, make personnel decisions, and ... yeah, that's about it.

What made the release of NFL Head Coach so strange was that, in 2006, the features found in that standalone game weren't exactly gone from the Madden NFL titles. A lot of players enjoyed the franchise aspects of Madden, often drafting players and allowing the computer to simulate games. What NFL Head Coach did was put more emphasis on the coaches themselves while offering a slightly tweaked experience as a full and separate retail release.

NFL Head Coach didn't last long, only showing up for two years before getting cut. But EA was sure to implement even more franchise options in its Madden games to appease sim-minded players afterward.

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