What The Biggest Fans Don't Even Know About 'Final Fantasy'

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Final Fantasy IX came out in 2000. One of its side quests wasn't discovered until 2013. Oh, sure, someone out there probably found it, but according to FAQs, video walkthroughs, and even Final Fantasy IX's own strategy guide, the quest didn't simply exist. In fact, we probably still wouldn't know about the quest if a Gamespot forum user hadn't discovered it in Square's massive, art and trivia-packed Final Fantasy IX edition of its long-running Ultimania series.

That's pretty remarkable, especially in this day and age, when the internet and dedicated fan communities make keeping secrets near impossible. And yet, for well over a decade, almost nobody knew that, once you get to Final Fantasy IX's fourth disc, you can travel back to the Imperial capital Alexandria and help the Nero family track down its missing members, earning yourself a Protect Ring for your efforts.

So, what took so long? Well, for one, completing the Nero family quest takes quite a bit of work, and it unlocks when you're unlikely to notice it. To start the quest, you need to enter the final dungeon, defeat a specific boss, leave, travel back to Alexandria to further the quest, head back to the dungeon, and repeat eight more times. Don't expect Final Fantasy IX's English guide to help point the way, either. The book, which is widely considered the worst strategy guide ever made, hides most of its information on a tie-in website that doesn't even exist any more. If you're a Final Fantasy IX fan, good luck getting any information there. It's way more trouble than it's worth.

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