What The Last Of Us Looks Like Without Special Effects

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  What The Last Of Us Looks Like Without Special Effects

So, if the actors were being motion captured and recorded at the same time, were they allowed to improvise? Absolutely. Neil Druckmann and the team at Naughty Dog had carefully scripted all the scenes for the games, but actors were allowed to follow their impulses in the moment. Not only did that leeway give more life to their performances, it also made the working environment that much more fun to be in. 

“Doing this was a whole lot like being five, playing in the backyard with a stick, you know,” explained W. Earl Brown, the actor who plays Bill in the game — and who clearly had fun playing with the props handed to him.

Sometimes, the input actors gave Neil Druckmann about specific scenes ended up dramatically shifting the personalities of different characters. In one of the first scenes filmed with Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, Joel was being attacked by one of the infected, and in the script Ellie was supposed to watch in terror until he freed himself. After several takes, Johnson told Druckmann “I feel like I’d hit [the infected],” and the two of them reworked the entire scene.  La Dorada: propiedades y beneficios

Druckmann later said, “We didn’t have it right initially. She needs to be more capable than initially we thought she would be, and actually that made us go back and rethink combat, and rethink a lot of the areas in the game.” This new direction is reflected in the addition of Ellie’s knife, which Johnson can be seen wielding in many behind the scenes shots.

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