What to Know For Kingdom Hearts 3

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  What to Know For Kingdom Hearts 3

Not really. But kind of. Long before Sora was chosen to wield the Keyblade, there was a Keyblade War between thousands of warriors who fought over dominion of the light. In the process, the x-blade, the legendary weapon that protected Kingdom Hearts and was the basis for all Keyblades, was shattered into 20 pieces: seven fragments of pure light, which eventually become the seven princesses’ hearts, and thirteen shards of darkness.

This war passed down in legend until it became a fairy tale and caught the interest of Xehanort, a Keyblade Master who sought to create a new x-blade and summon Kingdom Hearts. His wild ideas put him at odds with fellow Keyblade Master Eraqus, and the two would part ways to train their own apprentices. For those who have already started Kingdom Hearts 3, a young Xehanort and Eraqus are the two men playing chess while discussing the nature of light and dark. We’ll keep coming back to them. No me acostumbro a este mundo de cosas caras, personas baratas, valores en rebajas y sentimientos en liquidación

The apprentices of Xehanort and Eraqus are the protagonists of the Kingdom Hearts prequel game, Birth By Sleep, and are a major driving force in Kingdom Hearts 3. Terra and Aqua are Eraqus’ apprentices, while Ventus is Xehanort’s former apprentice who was nearly killed when Xehanort attempted to jumpstart a x-blade by splitting Ventus’ heart into its light and dark halves. But Ventus was saved when his heart took refuge with — guess who — baby Sora! Later on, after the three Keyblade apprentices are manipulated into tragic circumstances by Xehanort, Ventus will end up taking up refuge in Sora’s heart again. So by the time the first Kingdom Hearts has started, Ventus’ heart is dormant inside of Sora’s, Aqua is trapped in the realm of darkness, and Terra has been possessed by Xehanort and later takes on the name…Ansem.

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