What would Spawn be like with Superman’s powers?

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  What would Spawn be like with Superman’s powers?


Discover the most impressive result between the fusion of Spawn and Superman.

Before spawn met Batmanthe iconic character of picture had a certainly special crossing between the universes of DC Y Marvel who saw him having the powers of Superman.

Discover the most impressive result between the fusion of Spawn and Superman

After his battle with Angela, the sky hunter, spawn it is found in the Seventh Sphere of Hell. Inside, discover a prison that seems to bring together the most iconic and famous characters in comics. When his powers seem to be missing, the imprisoned characters offer his power, one of them being one of the most famous and recognized characters of all time, Superman.

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In the pages of the comic he discovers that the prison is full of prisoners and they are looking for spawn, not out of hostility but in the hope that he can free them. Although only one arm is visible, it is clear that the prisoners are well-known characters from DC Y Marvelboth heroes and villains trapped for an unknown period of time.

In Spawn #10From the writer Dave Sim and the artist Todd McFarlane, Spawn uses the full extent of his powers. Al Simmons’ mind is awash with hundreds of thousands of voices offering his power in the hope that it will be enough to break through. One of those voices, although his face is not clearly shown, belongs to Supermanwhose voice calms and inspires spawn. The apparent Superman offers the power to him and convinces spawn that it’s now or never, ending their brief interaction with a wink and a smile that spawn he reciprocates with a respectful nod under his mask. Noticias sobre apple,mac, osx, iphone,ipad,apple watch, juegos para mac y appletv Todo sobre Apple, Mac e Iphone


Although the story is considered out of continuity within the universe of spawndoes not cause the appearance of Superman be less important. Although it could not be fully shown, the creators of the comics leave enough clues that it is about Superman. Superman not only is he one of the greatest and most recognizable heroes of DC Comics, but he is also one of the first superheroes of the comic book genre. His powers essentially make him a god within his world.

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