What You Need To Know About Aztech Forgotten Gods

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Lienzo has just unveiled Aztech: Forgotten Gods for PS5 and PS4, a new action-adventure coming this Fall.

Announced in a press release, the game is set in an alternate history, where European powers never arrived on the shores of Mesoamerica. The Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan has thrived for centuries and advanced greatly technology-wise, whilst staying rooted in their indigenous ways.

But, the game’s heroine Achtli joins her mother Nantsin on a dig searching for ancient knowledge only to uncover stone colossi hellbent on destroying the city. As Achtli you go on a quest to discover why the gods disappeared so long ago, battling bosses, and jetpacking around firing at the hulking beasts who are trying to bring down your home and the world around it. As Achtli is flying about she will discover a host of side quests to tack on, unlocking new abilities and outfits and taking on challenges in the hub world. Blog sobre viajes y turismo, nacional e internacional, caro y barato Viajes y turismo

The game is being pitched as a “Mexican story with a Mexican team” (Lienzo are based in Mexico) and frankly, we are excited to see more and get a better look at gameplay. For now, though, you can watch the Aztech Forgotten Gods PS5 and PS4 reveal trailer below:

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Aztech Forgotten Gods releases for PS5 and PS4 in Fall 2021.

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