Who is Captain America within Marvel?

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  Who is Captain America within Marvel?


Find out who hides behind the identity of Captain America today.

In the comics we have seen different characters take on the legacy and mantle of Captain Americabut we almost always link that privilege with the incomparable steve rogers. In addition, the UCM has created a feeling among the great masses that the only real Captain America it is steve rogersalthough it is currently sam wilson. Now, marvel comics has unraveled the mystery by shedding a great light on this to find out who really is the Captain America.

Discover who hides behind the identity of Captain America today


In Captain America #0, Marvel has confirmed that both Steve Rogers and sam wilson are the Captain America. The comic begins with rogers Y Wilson trying to thwart an attempted attack by Arnim Zola in the city of New York. During the battle, the enemy Zola she claims that Rogers is just a man, but he replies that that’s not true. Right now, Wilson flies off and together he and Rogers say that they are both Captain America. After they destroyed and escaped from the rocket, Wilson Y rogers they crash into the water near the Statue of Liberty. As they float in the water, they both recognize that they feel like Captain America and that there doesn’t necessarily have to be only one in the world.

Created by joe simon Y jack kirbySteve Rogers first appeared in Captain America #1 published in 1941. The character served in World War II and proved to be a valuable weapon in the fight against the Axis powers due to the Super Soldier Serum, which gave him greatly enhanced abilities. Wilson, who was created by Stan Lee Y Gene Colanfirst appeared in Captain America #117. Also know as falcon, Wilson he is a skilled fighter and took on the role of Captain America in 2014.

This new story is understood as a one-shot that has been divided into two parts. One of them exposes what is the place of rogers in the world as a man of the 20th century who has been abruptly moved into the 21st century. The other has as its protagonist Wilsonwho investigates the history of Captain America and its connection with Wakanda.

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