Why Alita: Battle Angel Doesn't Need A Sequel

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Although it's easy to compare "Alita" to a superhero story, there's also another natural point of comparison for the film: It's a story about coming of age. "Alita" is a story about a teenager who's trying to find her place in the world, and by the end of the movie, that's exactly what she's done. 

Most other stories in this vein don't have sequels. If you look at "Alita" as a teen movie, you see that the journey she goes on sets her up for whatever comes next. That doesn't necessarily mean that Alita's story is done. After all, every teen movie offers a sense of what could come in the next chapter. The most interesting part of Alita's journey is over, though, because we've watched her grow into a person who is self-assured and ready to take on whatever comes at her. She's come of age, and the rest of her story is better left to the imagination. 

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