Why Mortal Kombat: Annihilation Was Just So Bad, Really Bad

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The original "Mortal Kombat" movie takes elements from the first two games, but tells the story through characters who are learning about this new, mystical world. This allows viewers who know nothing about "Mortal Kombat" to be pulled easily into the film. "Annihilation," however, takes its ideas from "Mortal Kombat 3" without bothering to set up or explain hardly any of these new concepts and characters. It covers so many, in fact, that there's no focus.

In an attempt to appeal to the hardcore fans, tons of extra characters appear, more special moves from the games are used, the Elder Gods are shown, and bits of lore are dropped at random. At one point, Liu Kang mentions Edenia, a major realm in "Mortal Kombat" lore and Kitana's former home. But it isn't explained at all, other than him mentioning that she once told him about the temple. It's a reference that's easy for fans to miss, while anyone who isn't familiar isn't going to grasp its importance. Similarly, newbies won't understand why Sonya would mistake Mileena for Kitana, when she's in a different color and isn't using her trademark fans. There are tons of small details like that, which non-fans aren't given any reason to care about. All they do is clutter an already crowded movie.

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