Why Rockstar Won’t Remake Red Dead Redemption

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  Why Rockstar Won’t Remake Red Dead Redemption

Before remaking the first game, “Red Dead Redemption 3” could come out first. In fact, this is a project that fans have already been clamoring for. Some gamers have expressed their hopes for a third game that picks up after the events of the first installment, while others have argued that another prequel would make perfect sense for the series’ timeline.

In Dan Houser’s 2018 Vulture interview, he said that if “Red Dead Redemption 2” sold well, then the company would certainly look at making a third “Redemption” game. Considering “Red Dead Redemption 2” broke series’ records, it’s safe to say a third game will mostly likely be on the way — at some point. 

Although Rockstar lost Houser in 2020, his comments would seem to suggest that Rockstar would most likely prioritize “Red Dead 3” sequel over a “Red Dead Redemption” remake. And given the past release times between “Red Dead” games, “Red Dead Redemption 3” might be a long way off — putting any potential remake even further out, if it’s even being planned at all.

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