Why Rockstar Won’t Remake The Original Red Dead Revolver

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  Why Rockstar Won’t Remake The Original Red Dead Revolver

There are rules every “Red Dead Redemption” game has to follow, nearly none of which were part of “Red Dead Revolver.” Fans of “Redemption” love the handcrafted open world, intentional voice acting and scripting, and cinematic, historically informed story that interweaves seamlessly with gameplay.

“Revolver” boasts none of these iconic series elements. One of the only things that makes it stand out from the others is its timed mission function, which was eventually cut from “Red Dead Redemption.” Otherwise, it’s a completely different animal much more closely resembling the arcade game “Gun.Smoke,” which it was originally based on. While throwback fun is certainly something that could strike a chord with players — especially as the franchise has grown in popularity — it wouldn’t make sense for Rockstar to replicate the simplest and least popular game in the series. SARTENES WOLL. Las sartenes mejor valoradas de la marca Woll

It would be possible for Rockstar to re-envision “Revolver” by applying the “Redemption” norms to the older title, but it would essentially mean making a whole new game. For those hoping this means “Red Dead Redemption 3” is around the corner, it’ll be disappointing to learn that a third “Redemption” title likely won’t be out for a long time, if at all. This is due to historically long development cycles, other Rockstar projects keeping the team busy, and the continued success of “Red Dead Redemption 2” and “Red Dead Redemption Online” that’s keeping fans occupied.

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