Why the 'Overwatch' Voices Sound So Familiar

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Crispin Freeman lends an honorable air to the gravelly voice of Winston, the genetically enhanced gorilla, making him more of a gentle giant than he would first appear. Freeman may be best known to fans of anime for his lead voice roles in the English language dubs of series like Hellsing Ultimate, wherein he plays lead vampire and anti-hero Alucard, Naruto Shippuden, where he voices the shinobi Itachi Uchiha. In the world of Western animation, Freeman is probably best known as the voice of Roy Harper/Arsenal in Young Justice, an impressively varied role that has extended to Roy's multiple clones, each with their own unique personality traits. 

Freeman was one of many voice actors who participated in a massive strike in 2016. In speaking to GameSpot during the strike, Freeman explained, "I've been asked to work on games without them saying that it's the same game again, and so they tried to undercut my salaries ... I understand the video game industry is very secretive ... But when you decide you want to hire an actor ... you have to tell them what the game is. I don't know anyone who would go to work not knowing what they're working on, and yet we're asked to do this continuously."

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