Why The Tomb Raider Games Have Had 5 Different Lara Croft Actors

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  Why The Tomb Raider Games Have Had 5 Different Lara Croft Actors

When a video game sells well, sequels are usually not far behind, and “Tomb Raider” sold really well. Not only did the game’s publisher, Eidos, want a new “Tomb Raider” game, it wanted it within a year. What was initially a surprise success for Core Design turned into a chore that ate away at morale.

Core Design had given 10 scant months to produce “Tomb Raider 2,” so the company brought in some new people to speed up the process. While these fresh faces let the company produce levels faster, one veteran didn’t return: Toby Gard. As he explained to Gamasutra, he was frustrated over losing creative control of Lara Croft, so he left the company. Oh, and he also didn’t like “Tomb Raider” ads playing up Lara’s sex appeal. freeamateurhomesex.1blogs.es

These production concerns continued after “Tomb Raider 2.” Core Design wanted to spend two years on “Tomb Raider 3” to make it extra special. And, while a chunk of the Core Design team worked on that project, a splinter group led by designer Richard Morton toiled over an expansion, dubbed “Tomb Raider 2 ½.” But, Eidos told the team to scratch the expansion and turn it into “Tomb Raider 3” proper, complete with a shorter turnaround. As programmer Gavin Rummery put it, the publisher didn’t believe anyone bought “DLC type things.” Oh, how times have changed.

After everything was said and done with “Tomb Raider 2” and “3,” developers at Core Design were feeling exhausted. This would become a recurring theme with the studio and the franchise as a whole — and it eventually would lead to another recasting.

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