Why These Celebrities Just Can't Stand Pokimane

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The controversy surrounding Pokimane's copystrikes didn't actually stop with PewDiePie or TmarTn. In fact, about a month after that whole PewDiePie blowup, Alinity made a joke about the situation that seemed to seriously rub Pokimane the wrong way. After someone in her chat asked if she was the person demonetizing other content creators' videos, Alinity immediately corrected that viewer, telling them that they were thinking of Pokimane.

Seemingly in response, Pokimane tweeted a vague status taking issue with female streamers who "actively and exclusively hates on other female streamers." She added, "That type of attitude isn't gonna get you anywhere good." It should be noted that Pokimane posted this update prior to Alinity's stream.

While Pokimane didn't mention anyone by name, Alinity (and many others) took the tweet as being directed towards her. Shortly afterward, Alinity's original comments about Pokimane went viral on Reddit. This prompted Alinity to call out people who can't take a joke on Twitter, seemingly referring to Pokimane and the folks who were slamming her on social media.

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