Why 'Venom 2' Will Blow You Away

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Even during those early days of Venom hype when no one knew quite what to expect, fans always had a checklist of things their favorite symbiote's big adventure should contain. A movie about Venom should be dark, it could definitely get violent, it absolutely must get weird, and it could potentially even get a little kinky. There was a certain amount of disappointment, then, when the MPAA slapped the finished product not with a hard R rating, but with a more crowd-friendly PG-13.

In response to some concern that the movie would be too tame, Tom Hardy reassured fans that the character's essence really could be captured in a movie aimed at a general audience. However, he also agreed that the idea of an adults-only Venom story had potential. "To be fair, the thing could fulcrum into R-rated," the star said with a characteristically odd turn of phrase. "It can fulcrum into for youth or children... but at the same time, there's a lot with the real estate that you can actually imbue with a complete sense of gratuitous ultraviolence if you really wanted to."

Now that Venom has proven successful enough to get a sequel, Sony might also consider it worth investing in a more niche film. Even if Venom 2 is another PG-13 outing, more intense footage could be saved for an alternate home video cut — just look at DC's handling of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Actually, you probably shouldn't, but the basic idea is there.

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